April 2021 - From the Field...

April Newsletter

Our most recent Photo ID surveys resulted in 6 sightings. On the first day, we observed 3 animals on oceanside, and 4 animals on bayside of the Upper Keys, most of which were resights. On the second day we had 4 sightings, all on oceanside. First a sighting of 2 animals, which we observed traveling out of Tavernier Creek, and then later in the day observed traveling back towards the creek for our fourth sighting. The second sighting occurred within the Tavernier Creek marina, where we first observed a mother/calf pair. Dock workers attest to seeing a pair of dolphins in the area frequently, suggesting they often use the creek for foraging or traveling between oceanside and bayside of the Keys. The third sighting was our largest of the day with a cohesive group of six animals. Many of the dolphins seen throughout the day were also resights of previously sighted animals, but we were able to add a few new animals to our catalog. We are approaching 300 dolphins in the catalog, and will hopefully be able to reach that mark in the next couple months!

Posted by DPMMR Staff at 09:15