From the President

Hello everyone!


If you listen carefully, you might hear the low hum of a busy beehive coming from DPMMR. That’s the best way I can describe the incredible amount of work currently underway at DPMMR’s main Connect Center.


Most of our team is working on putting the final touches on the “Connect to Protect” Gala, which is fast approaching, in just a few short weeks. (The last day to purchase tickets is April 27th – so if you haven’t purchased them yet, be sure to get them before it’s too late!) It has been over 2 years since our last Connect to Protect Gala, so I am extremely excited to ditch the flip flops and get decked out in elegant attire, spend quality time with our amazing supporters, and raise some incredibly important funds in the name of marine mammal conservation.


Beyond the last-minute preparations for our Connect to Protect Gala, we’ve been silently celebrating a huge milestone in our history and for the future of this organization. On April 4th, we changed our operations so that guests can now visit and learn about the dolphins all throughout the day. This may not sound like much, but historically our visitors were largely limited to visit the facility only during our set dolphin program times. With these small changes in operation, we hope to bring in additional guests visiting the Key Largo area to enjoy the dolphins and learn how to help us protect marine mammals. What’s more – this change has allowed us to begin offering a behind-the-scenes tour, with a second tour experience on the way. Here’s why this is so huge:

  • These changes allow us to reach more people and teach more people – and if we are going to be successful at protecting whales & dolphins… we need to make this happen.
  • These changes help to generate revenue for our mission, and allow us to diversify the day for our resident population of dolphins. Ultimately, they’re helping us improve the welfare of our dolphin family.
  • These changes are the first small steps in a larger strategic plan to bolster DPMMR’s education and outreach programs – a cornerstone of our mission that requires development.


So, the next time you come by for a visit be sure to enjoy one of the impromptu dolphin training sessions, explore our educational exhibits and signage, or participate in one of our behind-the-scenes tours.


I could go on and on about all of the positive changes happening right now at DPMMR, but I’ll let you read about it in the rest of our Dolphin Dialogue! Thank you for always standing behind us, in support of our mission. I’m so proud to be a part of the past, present, and future of this organization and to watch the impact we’re making in the lives of our resident dolphins and their wild counterparts.


All my best to each of you,


Posted by DPMMR Staff at 00:00