From the President: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from DPMMR! 

We certainly hope that 2022 brings all things healthy and happy to you and your family! DPMMR is kicking off the year, with a continuation of our multiple facility development projects in an effort to further the growth of our business and mission. 

Despite a rocky 2020, laden with COVID issues, DPMMR had a prosperous and productive 2021. Not only did we have our best year, financially, but also we implemented many facility upgrades that were much needed to our headquarters on Corrine Place in Key Largo. Many of our projects enhance the welfare of our 7 resident Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, including the new dock system, the new shade structure, the purchase of a gastroscope, and a new scale. In an effort to enhance our guest experience, we are installing new showers, improving the landscaping, we rebuilt our perimeter fence, re-did our vest/wetsuit hut, painted the entire facility, and added educational signage around the lagoon.

We hope to see you and your family in 2022 for some special time with our marine mammal family. Stop by and check out all of the facility updates to DPMMR! 


Can’t wait to see you! 







Posted by DPMMR Staff at 11:00