DPMMR Partners with Protect Wild Dolphins Alliance to Raise Funds for Marine Wildlife Conservation


Click HERE to sign up to receive your FREE Specialty License Plate. 


Dolphins Plus Marine Mammal Responder recently partnered with the Protect Wild Dolphins Alliance (PWDA) - a non-profit organization that aims to help fund DPMMR's field conservation programs  as well as many other wildlife organizations throughout the state of Florida.

In a historic effort led by Steve McCulloch, PWDA has created a Specialty License Plate in the State of Florida. The proceeds from sales of this plate will generate thousands of dollars in funding annually, which will be distributed to support vital conservation, research, and educational programs that focus on preserving Florida's threatened and protected wildlife species. 

BUT... (There's always a but), in order for the Specialty License Plate to move into production and sales, we must have 3,000 Florida Residents show their support for this initiative by signing up to receive a "Protect Marine Wildlife" Plate. 

Thanks to a generous donor, the first 3,000 plates have been purchased already, which means the first 3,000 Florida Residents to sign up for this plate will receive their Specialty License Plate for free. 

Will you help us secure this Specialty License Plate? Click HERE to sign up to receive your FREE Specialty License Plate. 

Posted by DPMMR Staff at 07:20